Enhance Business Collaboration Internationally With Chairman’s Network

An exclusive and authentic platform for the Executive and Non-Executive Board of Directors across all industries to expand their networks both locally and globally for extraordinary opportunities.

What is the Chairman’s Network?

The Chairman’s Network is a Collaborative Peer -Group Business Network, enhancing business collaboration internationally. Caroline Hayward, the Founder/CEO, established the Chairman’s Network to support the business and networking requirements of Board of Directors and Executive Members. 


The Chairman’s Network offers real value to ambitious companies of the small and medium-sized market to diversify their Boards and raise shareholder value for all concerned. With a network spread across several countries worldwide, Chairman’s Network is the premier online business networking network, opening great opportunities.

Trusted Relationships and the Spirit of Collaboration

Chairman’s Network aims to facilitate business deals, private investments, appointments and provide help and advice, consulting opportunities and many more business outcomes, with the spirit of support and collaboration. Expand your Network by joining an average of eight Zoom events per month, with hundreds of members connecting.

Caroline Hayward – Founder & CEO of The Chairman’s Network.

How the Chairman’s Network Helped its Clients

Take some time and see how Chairman’s Network has been helping ambitious business leaders worldwide.

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